Thursday, August 13, 2015

Voices In My Head

I contemplated my homeschooling choices for my kids this year.  it was like I could hear my mom (All day)  saying to me; "You have the best educator right here in your father but you never ask him for advice." She has actually said this to me in the past.  In the spring I sent my dad an email and he did give me advice.  Today I sought it again, but I didn't pick my moment well. Ah well the risks we take... at least it has silenced the "mom" voice in my head because I sought his advice.

It's good to know he believes in me, and thinks I can teach art without a box of curriculum supporting me. I know my strengths and weaknesses. The thought of building a program of art for Sweet Potato daunts me. Not to mention would suck up a huge quantity of time I'd rather be playing candy crush... oh did I just write that.. well maybe Sudoko.  It is so true but feels sad to say that, I need boundaries placed upon me to be creative. The thought of having to start from scratch to create and teach art at a high school level with a "the sky is the limit" boundary is freakishly scary to me. 

When I quilt I use a pattern, yes I have made patterns up but it was to please an individual. For example one person told me the loved rubber duckies. That limited my colors, rubber duckies are bright yellow.  That boundary got the creative juices flowing. Bathtub, blue water, bubbles, and it all came together in my head. Three months later it came together in fabric. I can think of time and time again where boundaries cause more creativity than the lack of them. 

My dad keeps correcting my grammar me and I, can and may...  still get me confuszled. Then he follows it with Mrs. S... was a bad teacher she was more concerned with spelling than good grammar.  Funny she was the one who used to say "The sky is the limit."  I like the the fact we can reach for the sky but I think for some people like Sweet potato and me total freedom of choice makes it impossible to choose.  

So I chatted with my sister and bounced ideas off of her and came up with a plan for homeschooling my high schooler with special needs... that plan may change 15 times before I order the stuff. I at least have my scaffolding to place it on. 

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