Thursday, August 27, 2015

Learning Life skills.

What awesome things my kids are learning while here in NY. Many opportunities to do stuff we have never done while we were missionaries.  Grandpa has a smoker. Little Miss Sunshine helped clean a Walleye from a tournament. The Team: Dances With Fishes, Won big money for the fish they brought in. I love the fact that they eat what they catch. They had a big party and cleaned fish, they sent all comers home with the fruits of their labor, after stuffing us with deep-fried goodness.

Little Miss Sunshine loves all protein especially when its been dried or smoked.

 She started pestering Grandpa to smoke the fish. He said he didn't know how. As the pout started to form on her lips... Grandpa starts talking about how much fish he already has in the freezer. An idea formed in my mind... I said well Grandpa why not let her look up how to do it as a school project?

Sweet Potato is learning about "early" foods. I'm sure those 2 small fishes that Jesus multiplied were smoked or dried fish.. How else could Momma have packed them in the morning for his lunch? What better way to understand than to see it for yourself, and in this case taste it too! He agreed with alacrity, She ran off to get a tablet to look it up on google immediately. Well 3 days later she is holding 3 pounds of smoked fish.  She cleaned it. She made the brine, and soaked it. Today, Grandpa prepared the smoker and they smoked it together.  These memories will be priceless treasures her whole life long.  Meanwhile this non-fish eating human just loves it smoked... cause well it tastes more like bacon than fish. Yummmmmm Bacon of the Lake...

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