Sunday, September 13, 2015

Three Cans of Primer

Well we have closed on the house and soon we will move in. The kids are itching to move into their new home.  We started by allowing them to paint their rooms.  Since we did not own the last house (the ministry did), we could only paint one accent wall. We just told the kids "NO" and lived with the drab flat (so difficult to clean) paint. I must admit to having much frustration at the flat paint in the last house. It picked up dirt and stained so easily, and I didn't have any touch up for months! Then when I did get touch up it was exterior paint, and matte or semi gloss. Yes they gave me the wrong paint multiple times. Picture me banging my head against the wall...  But I digress.  So with the help (aka limitations) of Dad, one picked aqua and the other picked a light orange. So for the last 4 days we have been prepping rooms and priming.

So far the girls rooms and the living room are done! woo hoo! After we did that, the kitchen just looked so drab in brown and grey... the whole house was brown and grey. I really wonder what were they thinking... if my kitchen was tan, beige, (insert blah color here) I would have lived with it, but no, the mud brown had to go. So sad they just painted and here we are redoing all that work.  I discovered a few things, for example they did not remove the wallpaper before they painted the wall... *sigh* since I'm in a hurry and I do not need a "renovation" at the moment. I also am committing the "sin" of painting over wall paper.  Someday I will re-do it right but for now I'll just shudder as I paint over it. I feel the need to mention one should take out the plastic drywall screw holders with needle nose pliers. Not spackle over them.  I now know what treasure awaits me under the lump of un-sanded spackle.  Here is a tip, if you can't get it out, take a screw driver and a hammer and push it in further into the wall, then spackle over it. TA DA! no more ugly lumps.  

I think I need to rant for a few seconds, Texas what is up with no smooth walls??? Why do we have texture everywhere... is it to stop people from resting their weary bones against the walls? To stop sensory children from touching them? Maybe the drywall finishers are just lazy, in a hurry, uneducated as to how sweet a smooth wall is?  Up north I watched a man quickly smooth out walls for a luxurious finish.  Ok, yes it took a whole day. Yes it produced enough drywall dust to choke a rabbit. Yet the result, smooth walls, lovely to touch. You can put the bookshelf up against it without knocking off bits of the wall. I have a feeling I will yet again be skimming some walls in my future.

We have just a few more days to finish painting the rooms and then the movers (friends) will be dropping my NOT flylady moving boxes into my house.  These boxes were packed for a storage space not a quick move. The boxes are full to the brim and packed tightly. I think I will need a new method of unpacking it all. I'm looking forward to being settled again.

I have to give a shout out to all my friends and family that have helped me. THANK YOU! The list is so long I'll just say "you know who you are," and we could NOT have done this without your help, housing, and sandpaper. I'll have photos soon :-)

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