Thursday, October 8, 2015

Take My Spear, Please!

So watching the drama of the GFA situation on Facebook unfold I could not help but start applying the logic I have been teaching my kids lately. Although one usually doesn't find logic on FB. I got struck last night when a former co-worker explained that David did not attack his king because it would be sinning. AKA former staff should not challenge someone who is obviously saving the lost.   My brain could not determine if it was a Red Herring or if it is a case for "Special Pleading."

Be like a Berean came trotting across my brain so I went and found those verses in the bible. They are in 1 Samuel 26 but instead of reading them like they had always been served up, individually I read the whole chapter. Often when I read it just turns into a movie in my head. I saw David and Abishai creeping up to the king. Whispering their commentary back n' forth. Then showing their prowess by stealing his spear and water...

Think about that whispered the Holy Spirit... it replayed in my mind... they are taking the king's water, while he is camped out in the wilderness, and disarming him. I was fascinated by this.  Why would David do this? I continued to read on. Oh look in the morning it created quite a stir... But only because David starts yelling across the countryside.  I'm sure this shamed and embarrassed poor Abner. Not only that but David casts judgment on Abner saying he should die because of his negligence, in front of the whole army... and basically says they all should be ashamed of themselves. It looks like David is very willing to bring to the public eye the actions of King Saul's subordinates. David does judge, and calls out problems when he sees them, but he didn't kill Saul. I became more and more engrossed as the story unfolded.

David argues for his side of the story. "King is this Gods anger or yours?" This is NOT a private meeting, this is out in the open being yelled across a mountain. David is clearly asking Saul to look in his heart to see if his actions are God ordained or man driven. Whoa Nelly did I just read that??? Did David just openly challenge Saul on his heart actions in public? I've seen so many posts on FB that are about not allowing others to see our disputes, as it shows christians in a poor light. Also brought up is that; we cannot know the heart behind the action that upsets us.  Here is David seeking that out in a very public forum.

Then I love what happens next Saul doesn't make excuses or dissemble. He repents. He is not behind closed doors, one on one, but in front of everybody. My mind is blown, pieces of it ricochetting of the walls. For so long I have held this opinion in my heart that to condemn publicly is an attack. This is  due to the spoon fed interpretation of Verse 9 But David said to Abishai, "Do not destroy him, for who can stretch out his hand against the LORD'S anointed and be without guilt?" 

I had one of those ah ha moments, David disarmed his king, took away from him the water so needed for life. No he didn't attack and kill, but yet he did publicly discuss the issue at hand and Saul repented publicly. This is so far away from the uses this verse had been put to I'm almost ashamed to admit I only have just studied it.


  1. Excellent! I love that you went to the Word for the WHOLE story! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Excellent, Sara....thank you!

  3. Sara...powerful stuff. Your dear one and I had a conversation one day about how all writing must be taken in context. This us a perfect ramble of that. Hod bless you!

  4. Great insights, Sara! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you Sara for taking the time to do this study and give us such an eloquent version. It is quite enlightening!

  6. Well, that put things in a different light for me. How about this, David was defending himself from Saul who was seeking to destroy him. Do you have any insights on authority figures that are just being mean?

    1. Hiro I have only this; the authority must always be The Lord.