Monday, October 12, 2015


I unpacked a box 10 days ago and found a long lost friend.
Some people like My Utmost for His Highest but I have always loved this little book "What I Learned from God While Quilting."

I grabbed it sat down and cracked it open at random. I read a great story about a multi generational quilt.  The grandma started it, hand stitched neatly, then there were other patches not so neatly hand stitched by the daughter, and then some machine stitched. The story went that Grandma had started it and the UFO (UnFinished Object for the non quilters out there),  kept getting handed down.  Now the author had it in her house and she took the trouble to put it altogether and finish it.

Later on that day my Knight and I were discussing how sad it is that I did not get to make a quilt for the wedding that was up and coming, because of the insanity that has been our life for months. I don't always make a quilt for weddings..but God was tugging at my heart.  I kept thinking maybe a stack and whack.. or just big blocks there must be a "weekend" quilt I could at least attempt.  I have this set of fabric I have been dying to use in a quilt all set aside, tucked in a ziplock bag. Maybe if I dropped everything I could get that one done.  I spent a day looking for all the quilting boxes but it was not in any of them. All that ripping apart my garage, oh what a mess.  Sad I could not find my fabric I put the idea aside and went back to unpacking the closet.

Then I opened up one box I had not unpacked last July, and in it were quilt squares. I joggled my brain, where did these come from? All the squares were complete but not all had boarders. Here as in the devotional was a UFO. I knew it wasn't mine, because it was a scrap quilt. The fabric was a mix of chintz, polished cotton, could this be linen??  Some looked new, some looked worn like the had been cut from a garment and the border was polyester. One shouldn't use man made fabric in quilts it doesn't last as long as God made fibers. I knew then I had not worked on this item. A vague memory came to me of Luci giving me this project telling me she would never finish it. As I started to sort the patches some were made with fine even hand stitches others were uneven and crooked. It harkened back to the  devotional... then it hit me what a perfect opportunity and how fitting. A GFA staffer had given me this UFO why not keep it "in the Family?" I was excited, what a gift God had given me. I could give them a quilt, a multi generational quilt! I went back in the garage and dug out thread, bobbins, and batting. I got one of my backing pieces of fabric. Sat down with graph paper and figured it out. I thought at first I would need to do plain 'ol big blocks in-between the squares, but math proved me wrong. I could get a nice couch snuggle blanket out of what I had in the blue borders. The others were bordered in a rusty orange... orange and blue side by side  *shudder* just a bit too much color vibration there...    

Setting all my "work" aside but the most important things (cooking, cleaning, school, and candy crush... ha ha ha), I went to work. I love quilting I'm not the best at it, but it is so peaceful. This creating "stuff' out of scraps and color. If you care for it properly, it lasts a lifetime.  I find myself dialoging with the Lord as I sew, praying over the family I'm giving the quilt too, when I'm not being disrupted by the kids or listening to Ear Biscuits...  

As I tooled along it came together quickly, Yeah!  I got it done on Thursday afternoon way earlier than I anticipated. I sat down and wrote a letter about the journey this quit had taken to the bride and groom. I then wrapped it up in ribbon and set it aside, marveling at how quickly it finished, so happy.

Friday morning with sadness, but no regrets I ended up shipping it to the address I had for the couple.  Sadly because of the dis-invite yet I felt so strongly that the Lord had led me to do this for them, it was my desire to show my love.  The box hopefully got to them on Saturday like the Pack and Ship clerk said it would. I hope they enjoy it for as long as it will last. In my letter I did give instructions on the care and keeping of this quilt. Since it has a mix of old and new fabrics, with a mix of polyester and only the Lord knows what else. It will need tender loving care if it is to last a life time.

It is such a perfect example of marriage, a patchwork of new and old, strength and weaknesses, man made ideals and God made ideology sewn together with the cords of love, respect and trust. Marriage  is something beautiful, it is strong and yet fragile but if cared for properly it will last lifetime.

I leave you with this verse: 
Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. 
~ Ephesians 4:31-32

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