Sunday, February 19, 2012

A change of tactics

Many nights Sweet Potato talks to the wall. Since I've been known  to model this behavior I'm not surprised.. OH wait did it just tell you all I talk to the wall... himm I guess I did oopsie!  Shhhhh don't tell anyone... Only thing is, she talks, and talks, and talks, and her sister can't sleep. She is keeping her self awake and that can lead to over tiredness and a less than optimal night of sleep, followed by a less than optimal day.

Many Many times I have asked her to stop talking and go to sleep, sad to say it continued.  The nigh time talking has even been known to escalate when desisting has been requested.   I've been know to sneak up on the door and say "Ah ha caught you talking when you are supposed to be sleeping!"  and when its so loud I can hear it in the other room, I've been known to get annoyed...

Yelling "Child I CAN HEAR YOU! "  from the living room is probably not my best choice of parenting styles for an auditory processing challenged child. Have I mentioned recently I'm not perfect... :-P 

So Saturday night I tried a completely new tactic. I walked in willing to sacrifice my time and let her stay up if that is what she needed. Sat on her bed and said "Do you need someone too talk to Sweet Potato?"  She didn't. She did tell me she was just going over all the things she had done that day. So I talked to her any way about all the fun exciting things she got to do that day with Aunti R.  We're talking Hair straightening and Nail polish and Movies woo hoo...  Not at all my idea of an exciting day but hey I'm not 12 either...   I rubbed her back (her favorite) and then asked what I could do to help her be quiet enough to fall asleep, since she didn't need a person to talk to.

"Mom can I have the Steven Green songs on?"  Of course Sweetie.
Woo hooo that only took 5 minutes and quiet fell over the room. Till she started snoring he he he ...  Now if every night could be that easy.

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