Friday, February 17, 2012

You Can Never Have Enough Socks

So a few years ago when Sweet Potato went to school, getting her ready for the car pool was always a challenge. Why you ask??  Because she never had any socks. Now as a Rocky Mom I really didn't care if she wore socks or not.  Apparently teachers especially Gym teachers expected socks on my child's feet. Mom was getting notes that her kid was not dressed properly and needed to wear socks or stockings everyday.

I wondered if the washer was eating the socks... Or maybe the sock angel was redeeming them for heaven... Alas I could not find a single matching pair. So I bought a bunch of the same colored socks... suddenly I was down to 3 pairs. Searching the room I came up empty handed, no matching socks to be found anywhere!!

Trying to get out the door in the morning was a battle field, "BUT MOM I can't go without socks!! I can't find any, I can't wear one green and one pink..." Oh the horror!!!  IT was pretty exasperating.  Dad is fuming,everyone is leaving angry, every morning and why?? Because of Socks!!! SERIOUSLY???

I finally thought "this is nuts" the peace of the family is daily disrupted when Mom is at her most groggy over lost shoes and no socks...

Enter the Sock Fairy... she comes at night and finds the shoes hidden under the couch, in the kitchen, under the TV or  Wow in the closet (who knew she knew how to put them away!), and every morning a bright shining new pair of socks (bought in bulk at Big Lots very cheaply) laid on the shoes.

After a while I found out through my secret sources that she was purposefully throwing away one sock of each pair just so she could delay the inevitable. I really wish she had just talked to me about the bullying at school. the real reason behind this tactic 

Eventually the Sock Fairy no longer needed to come anymore, the bullying, changes in her diet and a math program that only confused my daughter were the root causes of me pulling her from school and bringing her back to home schooling. I so wished she had spoken up sooner so the horribleness at school could have been addressed sooner. But that trust base was still lacking.

Now we don't need a sock fairy and I'm so glad to see my child working on long division at home with me.

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