Monday, February 20, 2012

Practicing the change in tactics... saying Yes

I practiced saying yes today, I did notice a huge upswing in Sweet Potato's mood too.

Mom can I have some chips?
Yes as long as you drink 2 glasses of water.

Mom will you play a game with me?
Yes, let's play In a Pickle till someone gets 3 tricks. (see how I saved myself from a 3 hour game of Monopoly.) 

Mom can I have a cookie?
Yes, after you finish your orange.

Mom can I play Computer?
No baby, it's not here, but you can play DSI for 20 minutes.  Turned it into a yes... :-)

Mama's been feeling yucky today so Sweet Potato did take advantage of that to hide in her room and play DSI for an hour. Normally I'd be all freaked out by the screen time effecting her brain  ahhhhhh she's loosing brain cells... but since my modus operandi for Mama sick days is to plunk them in front of Qubo and hope their brain's don't fry.. I figured why have a hissy fit? I got a nap and quiet time and a shower!  SCORE! Her sister was practicing piano and I didn't hear the timer go off either.  I actually could see how she could truly have not heard it go off. Her school was done (mostly), she had baby sat for part of her school time too (woo hoo acts of service yeah!).  

So I just pointed out she was over time and as long as the undone chores got done ASAP, I'd not toss any penalty flags.  She almost fainted when I did that... the look on her face said "Mom are you feeling ok?"  well actually child I feel really yucky... so no I'm not feeling ok. LOL 
She said "Sure mom right away." and then happily ran out to pick up dog poo...   Little Miss Sunshine was as mystified as me in Sweet Potato's happy attitude toward poo patrol.  "Mom this is not normal." was heard  to come out of her mouth...

I passed them by later while they were playing piano and tickled both of them... Little Miss Sunshine laughed..  Sweet Potato said Ow ow ow ow... then she laughed.
I'm like "Oh sorry did I hurt you?"
SP: no Mom....
Why did you say Ow?
SP: I don't know...
Mom: can I do a redo?
SP: Yes please *Giggling* then I tickled them both again and they both laughed.

Lets see how this journey goes forward... but boy that In a Pickle game took it out of me... not!!

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  1. Just reread this post. : ) Sara, I love the way you share. How you can show a road with all the potholes, but in the end we're all admiring the wildflowers. Thanks!