Thursday, March 28, 2013

Enchanted Attic a 10 Year old review

Well for today we have a guest blogger :-) Little Miss Sunshine has written a review of a book I got at the Allume Conference. I hope you enjoy it.  I did my best to leave it fairly untouched, & unedited.

Her and her brother are twins, and they are book worms. They found an enchanted attic.
The attic belonged to a mad scientist. Their mother and father shipped them out to their aunt and uncle for 5 years.  They were studying butterflies and they really didn't care about their children. 

New kids came to the school and their names were James and Claudia. When MCG goes to the attic and reads a book about Notre Dame. A circle appears on the floor and it's glowy Quasimodo appears in the circle and then faints. The MCG was shocked she went to get her brother and James. They didn't believe her. So they came and saw for themselves, and they we're even more shocked. They had to keep him a secret. They have to return him back into the circle in 3 days at 11:11 AM. 

When I read this book it was exciting. The cover was scary looking. I decided not to read it when I was going straight to bed. You should read it in the morning or afternoon. Some of the names were kinda hard to read, like Quasimodo and Esmeralda. Sometimes I had to re-read a page to really understand it. (So it was a tad over her reading level but it was such a tasty and exciting book she tried to read it all in one sitting) People who like exciting books should read this one. I do recommend you read this book, I can't wait for the next book. 

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