Friday, March 1, 2013

Better Mondays

So after re-evaluating our Mondays, I now have Sweet Potato do 3 things from Mondays school day on the Friday before. What she gets out of this, is she has a very short school day on Monday. She also is not required to be at the school table till 9:30 am. That equals an extra half an hour of sleep.

Yes we have had a few protests of it's not fair, but now after 3 weeks of Mom and Sweet Potato not melting down on Mondays, she is beginning to like it. I also have been rewarding finished school with an episode of Phineas and Ferb.

This Monday she woke up with the attitude of I'm going to have a bad school day. I think the TBRI  parenting classes are kicking in. One we all got more sleep. Two I was having more "compassion" not to be confused with pity/feeling sorry for my child. Three I did put on my Private Eye hat and really think about what is triggering her.  Lately when we get to math instead of handing her the work book. I put one problem at a time on the chalk board.  This totally helps her think I can do this its only one problem. Instead of being faced with 5-10 problems on a page that may overwhelm her.

And wallah we have better Mondays. She did get anxious a few times but I was able to calm it down.  Also she was done by 1:30pm had plenty of free time.

Mama didn't feel like doing primal screams in the back yard. :-)  I wonder how long this technique will work for but I'll take it, for as long as it works.

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