Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Watercolor Tutorial Unit 28

Ahh so this week we are going to be painting hills at sunset. You might think brown for clouds and painting the colors all the way down the page on the first day is a bit odd, but hang with this technique. See the really cool results you get. 

Day 2
 Ok the supply photo is missing a small flat brush for day 2 and some paper towels I think the daylight savings time thing is still fogging my brain. 
Wet your paper down with clear water. 
Blot dry...  Oh look I don't have any paper towels!
 that is a Starbucks napkin I ran and grabbed from the car. 
 Mix up some wet blue... use a pallet with partitions this flat one let me down! 

Brush blue on top 1/4 of the page. 
Uh oh what a mess, this is why you need a pallet that is not flat! 
 Blotting and washing with clear water helped get this spot off (somewhat). 

 Then I painted over it with yellow... it still showed though but I now know where the hill will go. Make sure you let your yellow and blue merge wetly.   
Clean your brush and load it up with red, over lap the yellow and let it merge as well. 
 Here I did not clean my brush out well and I got an orange but since we are going to be painting over it I didn't stress. 

Set your painting aside to dry.  

Day 3
These are the colors you will need for Day 3.  
 Make your green wet. Don't worry about the "shade," but do make sure your paint is thin. 
 Paint hills anyway you like. 
Keep adding water to your paint. 
I made nice rolling hills. 
See how the under painting comes through. 
I added another hill. 
and another. 
ooo happy hills. 
Using brown paint make small thin clouds. 
Further away from the hills make larger clouds with orange paint. 

Be sure to mix up some nice wet orange paint.  
Notice how even tho its orange paint on the blue its still looks brown 
Ok here goes the kids...

Sweet Potato made humpy hills 

Little Miss Sunshine did not make the clouds thin near the hills.
She got caught up in making them look like last nights sun set.
When I mentioned it she said "OOPS!" 
Sweet Potato as always went for the calligraphic look,
I actually like her treatment of the clouds. 
When your masterpiece is finished put in a safe place to dry. 
Here are our finished paintings.

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