Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Feedback is Good

I got a letter from Toyota of Lewisville last week requesting I come by for a visit and see if they couldn't put me in a NEW CAR! for less of a car payment than I have now. Can we say Lease anyone??? If they couldn't meet or beat our interest rate and or car payment they would give us a gift card or 2 free oil changes!!! This tickled my funny bone, I decided to respond to this mass mailing with a letter of my own.

I wrote him back proclaimed my shock and amazement that he would even contact me. Since I did blog about our pretty rotten experience last spring. Found here under search for a car.  If you read that post you would know they wanted to charge us 18% interest (oh but it was so hidden in the paperwork it took me a while to find it).  They did not listen to our needs. We have large pieces of medical equipment to tote around for Sweet Potato. When they refused to move on price or interest rate and tried to sell us a convertible we heard the message "We don't want to sell you a car today."

This afternoon I got a reply to my letter I was tickled pink. True to their word I had proven they couldn't put me in a new car for less than what I was paying now and they sent me a Chili's gift card so My Knight in Shining Armor and I can go out to dinner. Also Scott asked me to call at my earliest convenience, so I did. We had a frank talk about how our "not buying a car experience" was. How his sales rep really didn't listen to our needs and was trying to sell us something, anything. Scott was polite and said all the right things, he wants us to move from having our service done at Toyota of Plano back to Lewisville. Ya he noticed we shifted, we used to get our old Toyota occasionally serviced at Lewisville but ya know Toyota of Plano has these great coupons for oil changes... it's not that tough a call. If I had a need for another car anytime soon I might go back to Toyota of Lewisville, but not until I had my financing in place first.

I'd like to put in a note that we did buy a car last spring from Huffines Kia Denton. They were open honest and upfront about their costs they listened to our needs. We did at that time have financing in place, and we didn't play the game.  We called them, asked to take the car to our mechanic, set up that appointment, took the car to the mechanic, came back with a short list of repairs that needed to be made. They repaired the car gave it a 30 day warranty and sold it to us the day after it was repaired. Being missionaries we appreciate like minded people and the sales rep and My  Knight in Shining Armor hit it off.  It was a GOOD car buying experience

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  1. Yay! They listened to your needs: you and your husband need to go out to dinner!