Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christmas Hats

Well during the heavy rains we discovered the septic system doesn't work, which means we will need to replace said system. Which led to most of my christmas budget getting earmarked for working toilets. The toilets are working for the moment Praise God. At least it happened when fleece was still $2.99 a yard at JoAnn's.

Here is a quick crafty hat to make and then as you will see, I recommend personalizing the hats in some way. 

I used this pattern  but modified each hat to hopefully reflect the receivers personality. 

I cut out a pattern and cut the fabric to match...  

Make sure you have the stretchy part along the bottom edge, and oh look my sign is missing a t. 

Fold outside flaps in and sew the outside edges. 

Then match up the seams and pin the edges, and sew them together. 

Now your basically finished. If you like you can stop at a plain beanie 

Now I thought I'd geek up the hat. I cut 2 eye's and one mouth piece

You will also needed a strip, you can just press down with a ruler to get a line 

Cut the strip with a rotary cutter. 

Sew the pieces in place to make a faux storm trooper hat. 

Here is my mixed media Vulcan Storm Trooper. 

Here I added a Pom Pom and a Batman Logo. 
(sew in a strip of fleece when you do the final seam and use that to tie the pom pom in place you can see that in the photo below)  

I found out there are divergent fans among the cousins.  Some poking around the internet found me Tris's Tattoo Birds which I traced on the hat and embroidered over the line with a chain stitch.  

Little Miss Sunshine was effusive in her praise.  "Mom it's sooooo cool." 
I'm going to have to make an extra one for her. 

You can get 4 hats out of one yard of fleece with some left over for 1 eight inch scarf. 

So thread... I have plenty so $0.00
Fleece 4 hats and 1 eight inch scarf.  $0.60
Embroidery thread $0.09 cents  

Total price  $0.69 
And time to make and embroider the hat 2 1/2 hours. 
Time make just a hat no embellishment 10-30 minutes. 

Don't worry the only member of my family that reads my blog is my sister... 
so Sis~ text me, if you want something special embroidered on your hat.  


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