Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tongue Tied...

Right before the letter to CC pastors came out I was writing a blog post about how I felt when GFA leadership started saying things along the lines of  "we didn't communicate well" "We're poor communicators" to us during the eye opening transparency meetings.

Oddly the post didn't save and got lost in the cloud somewhere.  I'm glad it did, It should have been 2 posts, the David post is better as a stand alone.  I enjoyed writing it. It helped me get back to basics of trusting the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what is in God word instead of trusting man.

Then the CC letter came out and Wow I can show you exactly what I mean, you can read the letter at the link there if you would like to see it in context.  This is a paragraph from the letter.

We thought we were communicating effectively to you regarding these changes made to Believers Church and the reasons for it. We put up numerous pages on our GFA website. We hosted many, many Calvary pastors on the field and never hid our church from anyone. With some pastors we spent hours explaining the reasons for these changes; and we thought it was understood. However, we now realize, by comments made to us, that we did not communicate as effectively as we thought we had. We are truly sorry for this. Please know that it was not intentional. In the future we will work harder to communicate better.

As you can see it's main point is communication. It's interesting I have heard this so much during 2015, this idea that those in GFA leadership are poor communicators.  Hanging heads, twisting fingers, sorry, we messed up we will try harder. I can't believe they are still beating this drum.  Multiple times they have communicated that they are poor communicators to us between Jan-June 2015.

I might not be the sharpest arrow in the quiver, but if these guys are that bad at communicating how come we sent them week in week out to conferences and churches? How come they were so successful at getting people to sign up for an ongoing donation? Why send people who can't communicate to speak and represent the ministry?  How can you say on one hand were really bad at communicating but on the other put me behind a table so I can share about the ministry at a pastors conference.

*puts tongue in cheek* Oh wait I get it! How could I have missed it. They must be bad communicators but they are so spiritual that when they speak to churches the Holy Spirit pours out of them.  I  keep forgetting that ongoing teaching that; One can be pitched forked in to a job you have no training in, but that is an opportunity for the Lord to do it all for you...  That must be it. *wink*

I wonder why didn't the Holy Spirit choose to pour through them when they needed to communicating to staff? These men used thier position in leadership to tell people they knew what was best for them all the time. Wouldn't that be an opportune time for the Holy Spirit to manifest himself?

Could it be they did desire to speak of the things that they were doing but were prevented because of obedience? I wonder do they too, cry alone in their bedrooms at night? My hope it that they did not do things out of malice but rather out of misguided obedience to a charismatic leader. I hope they too wonder how they fix this mess man has made of Gods ministry?  My hearts plea is still YHWH-Rapha.

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