Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Now For Something Completely Different.

One thing I did right away was plant a garden. The house came with lovely boxes full of dirt and happy flowers already there. Taking care of the garden has always brought me joy. The last 2 years I really couldn't have a garden. Now here in the new house I have ready made boxes. 

I planted radishes because they have a 30 day to harvest. I have been picking them for a week. Look at that crisp redness mounding out of the ground. Yum!

Next up is butter crunch lettuce I'm just picking it as it gets leafy and big enough to eat. 

In this box I have Kale, and Bright lights Swiss Chard, these were bought at Home Depot, in the "sad section" of leftover plants from summer. But once planted and watered they took off and started leafing out. I'm hoping for a mild December so I can pick these for another month or so. 

These two cuties are the latest additions to the menagerie, Little Miss Sunshine named them Ink and Athena. Ink is a Havana bunny and is a picky eater but he will eat anything out of my garden.   Athena we believe is a Hare/Havana mix such a pretty mix of sliver grey and tan. She eats anything we give her, and is happy and gentle.  She is munching on dandelion leaves. There were no dandelions in the yard.  I saw one growing in the garden boxes and like the settlers of old that brought them to this country I'm actually cultivating it, as rabbit food. They love the leaves. I pick them down, and boom a few days later more appear! It's fantastic. I'll do my best not to let it flower and seed... 

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