Monday, September 24, 2012

CTC Unit 7 In Review

My daughters math tutor thought the Ephod project was really cool.
She had always wondered what that would look like.

The only tooth paste we had at home was gel tooth paste so we decided to not make the air dry clay and use our oven bake polymer clay instead. I helped dig out tiny pieces from the mess they had made of the clay bin. Little Miss Sunshine used up all the red for just her jewels because "Mom it's first come first serve." Had to have that talk on treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.  So here are our rocks and jewels ready to be put in the oven. I stood by and gave advice on how to mix up the colors to match the pictures. 
Sweet Potato gluing them down.  
Little Miss Sunshine is saying "Mom I'm in my pajamas!"  I told her no one would ever know if she hadn't said that. She was sick all last week but not so sick she got behind in school.
Gotta love home school, Oh your bored of all your books, here read your history.
All done! 
I love the "I Was Right" at the bottom of this page. 
 Notebooks pages this week

 Little Miss Sunshine's painting 
Sweet Potato's painting. she initially did one tree in the middle, and dribbled the eye dropper all over her tree top. Then she picked it up still wet and brought it over to me to see. As she brought it the paint dribbled in creative ways. and she was not happy her painting was "Ruined." I have to admit I was baffled, Since she took the photos for the blog post this week yet wasn't able to follow the book or my instructions. Now we had a painting dribbling orange paint on the floor. It's true you know the shoe makers son never has shoes... it's not because the shoe maker never has time to make shoes. It's because the kid refuses to wear them! I blotted the painting as best I could while she cleaned up the floor. When it had dried we added more trees to cover up mistakes made.  Handy the way the paint can do that. With a bit more guidance aka Mom standing next to her asking "What are you going to do next?" she made other types of trees in her painting. 

On Saturday Sweet Potato and My Knight In Shining Armor went to a car show at Irving Bible Church. I get a call from Sweet Potato saying "MOM I won a car!"  Imagine my moment of happiness we could sell the new car pay off the car we just bought and... and... and... and...  Put the rest in a college fund.

Oh ..





There she is calling me about her win.
Practical Jokers!!! 

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