Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Health Care Update.

So after Multiple phone calls armed with the part number the NDC number and the item number. Even after calling the manufacturer, my insurance companies mail order pharmacy, and a bunch of specialized pharmacies I was still hitting a brick wall.  No one carries salt water in vials.

A few pharmacies said "We'll call you back, we don't have it, maybe we can get it."
I called medical supply places that resale for Pima but they can't sell to me, they only sell to nursing homes.
It was so discouraging.

I got very good customer service this time from Cigna a cheerful woman who after concluding they can't help me was like ummm ummm uhhh good luck, so sorry... Sigh... 
I told the lady at Cigna I think I just needed to pray.

Ok lets be real my prayer was a very Nehemiah prayer Helppp!!! Lord Helppp! not all "Holy Dearest Father in Heaven Above", very much more like a child crying out to her daddy in frustration "The round peg won't go in the square hole!" kinda prayer.

Well the very next phone call I get the sweetest tech. AND they can order it  AND it will be in tomorrow woot!!!  She also ran it though the system and it is cheaper. *big sigh of relief*


Seems there is a BUT... to everything these days. The doctor wrote the script for 3x a day, we have been doing only 1x a day due to cost. Our insurance will only cover 2x a day, after that we have to pay full price. I started thinking... My insurance only covers what the average is, not what the patient needs but what is fair.

This is such a far cry from the Connected child philosophy of everyone in this family doesn't always get what they want but they do get what they need within the best of our abilities. It made me think we are already rationed in our health care right now due to the cost... even with the insurance we still can't get to the ideal amount still due to cost. Suddenly I lost all hope for the future of health care it just drained away.

It made me sad.

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