Monday, September 17, 2012

Week in Review Unit 6

Last week I was still dealing with Sweet Potato proceeding through school slowly. Setting the timer and requiring her to put her stuff away in the correct spots has helped. She has some free time, not a lot but some this week. Here are our projects, and note-booking pages.

 Oh look one spot just needs a bit more. 

Last week we saw Sweet Potatoes Pulomnologist, the good news is her lungs sound the best she ever has. He gave em a few pharmacies I can research for her "salt water" medication. Hopefully I can find it at a reasonable price. The bad news is they did not get enough of a sample of her cilia to get "accurate results."
So 59% look bad 41% look fine = outcome Unknown since they didn't have enough cells to look at.

Her doctor drew this up for me its how a cilia cell looks up close and personal.
9 pairs of round tubes, spokes of the wheel connecting them, They should have arms sticking out of each pair as well (he started to draw them but stopped.)  41% have that structure.

59% of the sample had cilia that look like this.
No spokes no arms sticking out.

Now we still have the option to do an in office procedure involving "going though her nose."  When ever I talk about this with him I just refer to it as Traumatizing the child. with a capital T!  Wouldn't you be traumatized???   I'm willing if I need too, but the doctor is reluctant, he knows the treatment of her lungs is not going to change if he knows there are 75% malformed cells or 75% normal cells. So why pinpoint (via a scary procedure) when were seeing improvement. Instead he is gonna shoot all her stuff off to his mentor and see if he can make a better guess diagnosis.  Since treatment is actually working Yeah! I'm inclined to let him continue down this path. Less Trauma = Good.

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