Saturday, September 8, 2012

CTC Unit 5 Week in Review

This week we had 2 digit X 2 digit math problems, I found a few holes in Little Miss Sunshine's math. I'm glad of all the techniques Singapore has to do the math mentally, but I have to admit I plugged her back into Rapid Recall, since each problem took 7 minutes to complete for either of my girls. One because she was just messing with me and the other because she was counting up or doing a number line for each individual multiplication step. I love Rapid Recall it is fantastic for training the children to learn the math facts. Also when the math facts become automatic it makes them so dog gone happy.  It is only 7 minutes a day and after 10 weeks if they have not achieved mastery you can repeat it.  So If your kid is quick they can memories all 4 sets of math facts in less than one year. 

Our Robert Frost paintings. 
 Sweet Potato although terrified of thunderstorms, continues to put lighting bolts on her paintings. Because mom they are super awesome and I love lighting bolts.  
My girls being Whirling Dervishes   
Whirl, Whirl ,Whirl    
Hey mom I'm not dizzy!
Keeping one foot flat on the floor really does help you not get dizzy!
Note booking pages

Science, Little Miss Sunshine made the clay and forgot she used up all the salt in the house so they had to share the one lump of dough. Little Miss used a tooth pick to make the tracks while Sweet Potato impressed them into the clay like tracks. They started to dispute amongst themselves as to which was the better technique.  I love using humor to pop them out of bad behavior. I hollered at them "Girls! Girls! you're both pretty!"  It's a phrase from Mega Mind, one of our favorite movies.  They both cracked up laughing. If you have never seen it here is a clip

This week was tough, homeschooling often makes me frustrated and stressed, rarely does it make me cry. Blogging about it really helped, talking to my mom also helped. I often write posts that I never publish they are unfinished, or just pity parties. They act like a trigger journal for me. When I'm thinking straight I can go back and reread them I see patterns and what is triggering the bad behavior, I spot the days when I've been manipulated. It's very helpful and I can tell I have a lot of growing to do :-)

Thursday I worked in the cafe for the morning, I tasked them with getting all independent work completed before the afternoon. After lunch I set the timer, I controlled my desire to rabbit trail, and taught them the subject matter till it was done, or the timer went off. Anything not completed was declared "homework" and will be done after chores and before free time.  It was sooooooo freeing. After I had taught all my bits I got up took care of my sick Knight in Shining Armor, set aside my teacher hat and put on my helpful Mom hat.

I enjoyed Thursday far more than any other day this year. :-) No tears, no whining, no pity parties, no yelling! Thank's God for helping me. :-) he does answer prayers. 

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  1. Praise the Lord for His help.
    You are inspiring me.
    Love the art work.
    Praying for a week of Thursdays next week.