Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is it Enough?

Today I had the privilege of watching my friends kids. She home schools as well but she does it all her self. Shes one of those amazing women who plan and piece together their  own curriculum.  I know I couldn't do it and I'm so grateful for my open and go Heart of Dakota!

Mr. Comparison crept in my house today eeeekkk... need to beat him with the broom.  I caught sight of S's biology home work, she is the same age as Little M (DD1's new moniker).  S is reading this piece on Amoebae's with convoluted wording.. Really??  History is a building and people are the wing of a fly on the building.  But the author takes 4 sentences to say what I just said. Really??

Mean while my dd is reading a piece on elephant tusks... and she narrates to me that elephants use tusks to eat grass and use them to kill food.  Ok you all know me by now...  I'm busting a gut LOL inside, I turn my face so she can't see me starting to crack up.
I ask "Are elephants herbivores or carnivores?"
"Mom they eat grass."
I respond with so what kind grass do they kill with the tusks.. I'm barely holding on at this point...
She finally gets a good look at my face and Yells "MOMMMM!!! They don't Kill Grass!"  At which point we both burst out laughing, shes like wait they don't eat meat! they are herbivores!
Heaven help us! she ACTUALLY said "I think I need to read it again."

Two 12 year olds reading vastly different material... Mr. Comparison jumped up out of the wood work asking:  Are you doing enough? Shouldn't you push her more? Make her work harder.  She should be so much more advanced, She couldn't even read that biology.   But there Mr. Comparison is wrong, I gave it to her to read. She read it like a dream. She can read at a 9th grade level.  She just has no idea of what she is reading.

Ya know your kids gotta walk before they can run, and they have to crawl before their brains grow (ok that's a bit of Nuro devlopmental humor it's ok that you don't get it).  I can't expect her to be at the same level. She does have Spectrum issues. She needs interpersonal skills more than she needs to know; When 2 trains speeding at different speeds will pass each other in the night. When they are traveling in opposite directions.   (never.. tricked ya!).

Now the funny thing is after I got done sweeping Mr. Comparison out the door.  I ask S about her reading assignment.  She tells me it was on "Auh mobils" (amoebae), Oh man! it was as funny as My dd saying  earlier "I don't like 'buck in knees'  (bikini's) they are to skimpy."

And on that note I sign off. :-)

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  1. I love this post. :) Funny and point well made (about that sneaky comparison dude).