Monday, September 19, 2011

Walking Zombie.

So I slept really poorly last night, always makes for a sleep deprived day. Ever notice how your emotions get so weirded out when you don't get enough sleep?  My feelings get so easily hurt when I'm a walking zombie.

Normally I let stuff roll of my back like a duck, My childhood was one filled with a lot of rejection.  So I'm used to it for the most part. But I hate it when I have to find a sitter when all my regular sitters are to busy.  I have to look into that gulf of unknown people. I know I'm overly protective. I feel I have reason to be.  If you give Little M. a cookie Who?? will she be when she comes home? I really can see the menfe syndrome at play. Pulling her back to Phase 1 foods made such a huge difference. If someone mistakenly gives her a treat that is a trigger food Whoa Nellie Stand back as the tornado flies.

My Hubby told my kids to be extra nice to me today since I didn't sleep well. Picture me banging my head against he wall and yelling Noooooooooo! Don't do it! This is ok to tell Little Miss Sunshine but not to Little M.  Little M just sees it as an opportunity to explore her feelings by imputing them on others. I think this is why I have spent part of my morning hiding in the bathroom crying. Really Life is so not this bad... Is it PMS? or that horrible thing adoptees do so well. If you think I'm crazy go take a visit to Arleta James's blog.
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So this morning She spent 45 minutes telling me about 3 paragraphs she had read. Very poor narration even with promptings, and re-reading.  Just awful, My Mommy radar began pinging after 40 minutes and I just got up and took a grace token away. Sat back down and said "Your not trying."  If you don't do better I'll take away another one.  It was like someone turned her brain on. Suddenly!!!!! She could tell me 80% of the story... Don't you hate it when they are shamming Arrrrrrrgggghhhhh!!! 

Now math was another story, today 9-9=? stumped her. She did it on her fingers.. Show me 9 fingers now takeaway 9 fingers how many do you have left... 9 mom no 10... see as she shows her fingers still attached to her hand, and she wasn't being funny.  She is very concrete today.  So we had to do it the Visual Math way.  Then she got it ohhhhh Nine take away 9 equals ZERO!  Ohhhhh

Ahh well I think I'll take a nap and then life will look so much better.

Update: No nap but a nice visit with a friend and My Knight in Shining Armor stopped by long enough to give me a Decaf Americano with a shot of vanilla. It totally made up for the horrible behavior he incited in Little M. today.

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