Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Weekly Check in

This week we finished up Unit 4 and started Unit 5 of Preparing  with Little Miss Sunshine.  Little M tags along in Science and Grammar.  She as so many "therapy art stuff" we don't do do the CTC art portions.

They loved the cactus experiment but of course I could not find the tooth picks anywhere.  Things have HOMES in my house but I swear they runaway from home all the time.  I think they like living under my kids bed better than in the kitchen cupboard. So the spines are My poor dead Zinnia stems, I failed to water them enough.  With all the water restrictions I figured it would be better to let them die than sneak out in the middle of the night to water them.

Little Miss Sunshine loved doing the cartouche, it is still drying because Yeah!!! We have had rain on and off for  the last 3 days.  Since prior to this week  it only rained .004 of an inch since the last week in May.  I'm happy to let it dry slowly. 

They are both working on the science notebook, I walked into a sweet scene where the younger was slowly drawing all the parts so her sister could see how she was doing it. She was saying "Now a curved line for the body."Just like I do in the Monart I'm doing for therapy for Little M.  It was sooo cute.

Here is Little Miss Sunshines independent history using Draw Write Through History. She really loves doing it. I really love how she looks forward to doing it, and how it keeps her busy when I need to do the auditory processing stuff with Little M. It's a win win for this family. 

This is our DITHOR final project, she decided to do the scene from Misty of Chincoteague where Phantom runs to meet the Pied Piper, But Misty stays home.  She did a great job gluing the sand to the box.  We found these inexpensive horses and she painted them to match the front cover.  She did it all her self w/o any help from Mama. I'm So proud of her.

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