Friday, September 2, 2011

Nuro typical day

I love nuro typical days.  When my child acts her age and is calm and NOT freaked out. Not seeking negative attention.  The 4 day program is helping, we have one extra down day in which I too have a more peaceful day. 

I think back and see such changes, now instead of never brushing her hair and trying to be as gross as possible DD1 now spends hours at her dressing table making her hair look ... well pretty to her.  I'm not sure I'm going for the 10 clumpy hairs on one side of her face and 12 on the other, with a bun in the back that is very foofy no other way to describe it.  If you glance at her you wonder if she is a cancer patient then you see the bun. But all in all she looks way better than I did at age 12... If I recall correctly that is the year I brushed my hair in front of my face. So I could  lookout at the world from behind a curtain of greasy hair I rarely washed.  

I was taking a stand against being girly girl, For some reason I despised lace and glitter. I had a jean jacket and a Native American style eagle hung on a chain pull I took off a light. I was in no way concerned with what other people thought and my poor mother despaired of getting me in a dress unless under much duress. 

So all in all I can live with the "But Mom they are side bangs" cancer patient look.  I was pleasantly surprised today while waiting for Daddys' "blessing" of buffalo wings. She shrugged away from us. I didn't make her stay with me as she wandered around looking at all the photos in the lobby.  After a bit she came and asked if I would share my bench which I did. Then she leaned on me and I put my arm around her and we had a happy moment of contentedness.  This is what I anticipated when I said "Yes lets adopt."  When I get one of those moments I cherish it! 

Now I have had her on strict phase 1 foods for the last week. It's getting pretty obvious wheat is not something she should be eating. Sad for her since Naan is so yummy and there are so many food made from wheat that she loves to eat. But she seems happiest and Nuro typical on mainly phase 1 and phase 2 foods. So it looks like another hiatus back in those foods for a while. 

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