Monday, September 12, 2011

Another school day...

Last week Daddy was home on Monday, so we had no school Yippie! Friday rolled around and part of me wanted so badly to DO SCHOOL.. so we could start all fresh and clean with a new unit on Monday.

Isn't it funny on the boards I'm always telling other moms: "It's no problem to be on day 3 on Tuesday or day 4 on Monday."   Yet when it comes to practicing it... I still want my life in nice neat boxes.  I'm so drawn to Day 1 being Monday.  Of course a few doctor appointments and  a few mama "sick" days and we will be back on day 1 = Monday.   How funny Humanity is.  Ever think God is laughing at us and how we try to order our world?  I know I laugh at my self all the time.

Now I stuck with Friday being chore/fun day because Daddy is going to be traveling in the future. Since I have no experience with "Normal" family life... all I know is adoption/ developmentally delayed/ spectrum issues/ attachment parenting stuff... Messing up the now sacred schedule would probably equal a horrible school day.  So we stuck with the schedule.   Today DD1 had problems staying on task.  Holding her back from recess got her work finished.

Yesterday I asked her to be sure all her school stuff was in her school desk and things NOT of school were put away.  I talked to her about putting things away in the proper place helps her get her school work done on time and quickly.  She did it. The stuff she took out of that desk that was not school, filled a small tote.  Ha ha ha ha  She did it while "Dad" was watching her as he played his guitar.  You see I find it so funny is because Dad wanted me to give her a spot on MY! (note the selfish my) new book shelf.  Because she didn't have enough room in her desk for all her school stuff. Yet when all her "treasures" were put away there is plenty of room.

It was quite fun today... I asked DD1 to get out her math, her response "It's in YOUR room"  served up with a hint of snottiness and a dash of sardonicism.  To which my response was: Oh really, well go get it. Served up with one arched eyebrow a la spock of Star Trek fame. When she didn't find it there... nor in her desk... yet eventually found it in the therapy back pack where it does not belong... Just made me giggle inside, I mean ask politely if maybe she would like to try this again, or loose a grace token?  After a brief 2 sentence lecture on respect and how she doesn't look really reliable at this moment in time. Because ya know after 2 sentences you start sounding like the voice of the parents on peanuts cartoons Wahhnnt waaa wlaah.

We started afresh from Mom asking A~ please pull out your math work books. She looked me in the eye and said  "Mom I can't find it. Will you help me look for it?" Where upon "I said yes and pulled it out of her back pack."

This bore fruit later in the day! Her history book was missing as well and She actually asked for help the first time around when she needed to admit she couldn't find her book. Now that is Success!

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