Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly check in Ending Unit 5 Starting Unit 6

So here are some photos from this week
Photobucket  Yum Honey!  Here she is making the Egyptian pastry.
Photobucket Making the round pastries
She is putting them in her self.. NO mom I do not need any help.  :-)
Photobucket OK Mom they are too hot! You can take them off.
Cooling down, very yummy but very rich! If I did it again I would only eat half.

The old independent history project finished.
Photobucket Here is Unit 6's beginning.

PhotobucketHere is Preparing Science Note Booking pages  She loves doing this stuff with her sister. Her sister  refused to let me put hers up here.
Photobucket Here she is as the Queen!  She loves pretending to be an Egyptian/Chinese Nefertiti.
Photobucket This is the columns project from Creation to Christ we had a tough time doing this  one since I couldn't find my glitter glue. But a friend had some glitter since Glitter is forbidden in this house.  It always ends up in someones eye... on their face, in the food. It's on Daddies Banned list. But since he wasn't home. 
Don't worry the package of glitter will be gone b4 he gets home. 

My kids are really enjoying this study of Egypt.  They even managed to sit though 2 rather dry PBS Egypt videos I stuck in, when they were folding their clothing. I had to fast forward through one part because MOM its too grossssss!!!  They put body parts in jars eeeeeewwwww.
This study of Kings who declared themselves as gods have really spurred on many conversations with Little Miss Sunshine, about Jesus and his Sacrifice.  It's been a good week.

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  1. thanks for sharing. I love reading about other HOD Preparing Hearts users. We are using that book as well. We are a week behind you :)