Thursday, September 1, 2011

So I went back to work... if only for a few hours

Today I went back to volunteering at GFA in the Cafe. It was super fun to play in the kitchen. I was able to pack up all my kiddos independent work and drag them along with me to the office...

A comment I over heard my girls say this morning:  "Mom looks so nice!"
Ha ha ha  it's amazing how much better I look when I:

  • A. Get a shower first thing,
  • B. A cup of coffee (decaf),
  • C. Put on office appropriate clothing. Instead of a T-shirt and shorts. 

Really girls I could look this way every day but then you would have to go to public school, and day care afterwards. And A~ would probably not make as much head way as she does at home.

I love the portability of Heart of Dakota.  Yes it was 2 fairly heavy bags for just the independent stuff. They were able to get school stuff done then run off an play in the kiddie section while I worked. Ahh the lure of the doll house with ALL the pieces.

I find it very very funny that all the same assignments given at home take upwards to 2 hours but after just one hour all the independent work was done in the office. LOL desire is a strong motivator.  Now I did have to make dd2 review her reading as she skipped what she did not comprehend. It was a cultural thing no point of reference for her. I had to actually demonstrate the concept for her to understand it.

I'm really glad how responsible my girls were today. I love how they are becoming more and more responsible.  Is not our purposes in raising children, to make them independent, lovers of God, and seekers- one who continues their education long after college is graduated-

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