Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The difference a schedule makes

So were doing Preparing Hearts for His Glory with my 3rd grader,  left side of Creation to Christ and Little Giant Steps Therapy program with my older daughter. Some days we weren't finishing before 6pm and I felt like a ping pong ball bouncing between the 2 girls...
I also am trying to fit in working, working out and cooking for the SBP diet. It was leaving me no time to myself.   Yet some days we had no problems finishing. So yesterday after some research and encouragement from lurking on the heart of Dakota boards and chatting with my good friend C.  I needed a schedule.  So while everyone else was enjoying the cool weather yesterday. I was sitting near an open window.  Mindfully thinking over the last 3 weeks. Which days work which one's didn't.  I noticed each day was different which isn't good for my spectrum child.  So how to fit in 40 min of Vesting... all the chores and school, while still giving her free time to enjoy her child hood.

So I checked how long each box is supposed to take and I scheduled each day down to the minute. Each days schedules are now all posted in the living room.  My dd1 dragged her feet and did not do what was assigned. and I held her  in at recess... She was NOT happy. Having to do the work, she choose not to do this morning during recess when out side is actually cool enough to play in. So it's 3pm she is finished with therapy, and she has an hour of free time today.

I don't know why I fought a schedule for so long. I must have a rebellious streak in me still that I don't like pieces of paper telling me what to do. Even if I wrote them down myself. 

DD1 did an excellent narration, did all her math word problems without difficulty.  DD2 had no trouble with any of her work. I was even able to combine Monart art lessons with science note-booking. So the note books look fine.

So I get an hour of time to blog and the kids choose podcast stories to listen to... which is so good for DD1 comprehension!

Good day  Thank You schedule.... even tho I don't like schedules...

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  1. Hi!
    Enjoyed reading your post. We are also doing Preparing and find that when we follow a schedule many things are accomplished!
    Dorla (visiting from the HOD blogroll)